LCD Digital Display Temperature Controller

New products 2019 innovative product LCD Digital PID Temperature Controller/Programmable logic Temp Controller for brewing



CHFT series are LCD Digital Display PID Temperature Controllers including five size:

  • CHFT200 (48mm*48mm)(width*height)
  • CHFT204 (48mm*96mm)(width*height)
  • CHFT205 (96mm*48mm)(width*height)
  • CHFT207 (72mm*72mm)(width*height)
  • CHFT209 (96mm*96mm)(width*height)

Main Features

  • LCD digital process controller
  • Only 48*48 mm, 1/16 DIN size available at this moment
  • Dual display 4 digits 7 segments
  • 0.3%F.S Measuring accuracy
  • Digital output ratio display
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit display selectable
  • Universal Input(TC, RTD, Analog)
  • Relay/SSR Drive/4-20mA/0-10VDC output
  • Maximum 2 alarms
  • Power supply: 85~265V AC or 24V AC/DC
  • Alarm standby function
  • Soft-start function for analog output
  • RS485 Modbus RTU optional
  • PV/SV Re-transmitted optional
  • Remote SV, position feedback available on request

More precise and far more accurate

CHFT200 PID Series
Intelligent, most accrate and stable control


Power Supply:

85~265V AC    50/60Hz

24V AC / 24V DC

Aux Power:

N- no aux power  B- 24V DC grounded  D- 12V DC grounded

A- 24V DC isolated  C- 12V DC isolated

Thermocouple(K, E, J, T, S, R, B, N, Wu3, Re25)


Analog signals(0-50mV, 10-50mV, 0-5V DC, 0-10V DC, 1-5V DC, 2-10V DC, 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10mA)

N- None

R- Relay

V- SSR drive/voltage pulse

E- 0~10V DC

D- 4~20mA

F- others

Body: 48x89x48mm (1.9×3.5×1.9 inches)

Front Panel: DIN 48mm(W)X48mm(L)

Cutout size: 45x45mm

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting and screw terminals

Temperature Units: Degree Celsius          (<1700℃)

Display Accuracy: ±0.3%F.S                              0.1℃ (<1000℃); 1℃ (≥1000℃)

Temperature Compensation: 0~50℃

Storage Temperature: -20~60℃             (no icy or condensation)

Data Storage: 10 years

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting and screw terminals

Environmental Conditions: -20~75℃         (no icy or condensation)                                               

Humidity: 35-85% RH

Net Weight: about 120g

Gross Weight: 200g

Warranty: 12 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at

1 x CHFT200 temperature controller

​​​1 x Mounting bracket

​1 x Manual

1 x 25A SSR; (optional)

1 x K Sensor; (optional)

1x 25A SSR; (optional)