12V 24V NO NC Reflection type Adjustable Digital Fiber Optic Sensor High-Speed Photoelectric Sensor

A Fiber Sensor is a type of Photoelectric Sensor that enables the detection of objects in narrow locations by transmitting light from a Fiber Amplifier Unit with a Fiber Unit.



Fiber sensor(probe)

Through-beam, diffuse reflection, L type, window type, high-temperature type etc. From a diameter of φ 1.5mm to over M6 can be customized. High -temperature type can be resistant to 350℃.

Fiber sensor(amplifier)

  • Output: NPN / PNP
  • Operating voltage:12~24 V DC
  • Protection degree: IP64
  • Ambient temperature: -50~70℃
  • Flexible deployment, accurate detection, economic preference, competitive price with fiber optic cable, realize more extensive measurement application.

Main Features

CHA4R-N Fiber Optic Sensor

  • The one-button setting, easy for operation
  • 4 bit &4 bit digital display
  • Press”+” “-”  button to restore factory defaults
  • Competitive Price

Fiber Sensor Functions:

  • Threshold fine-tuning

  • Output selection

  • Keyboard lock function

  • Frequency mode adjustment

  • Attenuation mode adjustment

  • Delay mode adjustment



Fiber sensor(probe)


Fiber sensor(amplifier)


Other details

Period of Sampling: <200 us

Mounting Method: terminal grounded

Environmental Conditions: -25~55℃ (no icy or condensation)

Net Weight: about 100g

Gross Weight: 120g​

Warranty: 6 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at sale@aposunmeter.com

1 x CHA4R-N Fiber sensor (amplifier)

1 x M6 Fiber sensor (probe)

Package: 100*100*20 mm plastic bag