CHCN48 Multifunction Digital Relay CHCN48 (Functions: timer, counter, frequency counter and tachometer)


Multifunction Digital Relay (Functions: timer, counter, frequency counter and tachometer)

All in one new powerful Aposun panel meter! Integrated both counter and timer functions, allowing flexible operation depending on application requirements.

Up to 2 relay outputs for on-off control. Wire connection & pin connection for choice.



Is CHCN48 a…Timer?

Yes! Single delay timer. Dual delay timer. Totalize delay timer!

Is CHCN48 a…Counter?

Yes! 8-digit count up / count down / multiplying displayed!

Is CHCN48 a…HZ/Tacho meter?

Yes! 4-digit HZ or Tacho meter with relay output!

Main Features

  • LED Digital Relay  (Functions: timer, counter, frequency counter, and tachometer)r
  • Only 48mm*48mm, 1/16 DIN size is available at this moment
  • Dual display, 4 digits 7 segments LED display
  • 1% F.S measuring accuracy
  • Maximum 2 alarms
  • Power supply: 85~265V AC Aux power: 12V DC
  • Input voltage pulse: Low level(-30V~0.5V); High level(4V~30V)
  • Ambient Temp: 0~40℃
  • Measuring frequency: 2~10khz
  • Contact capacity: 5A for NO contact, 3A for NC contact at 220V AC
  • Users can switch among counter, timer, frequency, and tacho modes for flexible applications depending on requirements.

More powerful and flexible product

CHCN48 is a multi-functional controller 

Up to 32 functions for you to choose!


Code of Function
Code  Description  Setting range Code  Description  Setting range Code  Description  Setting range
Timer function
01 Single delay timer (count up) 0.01s~99.99s 09 Single delay timer (count up) 1m~99h59m 17 Dual delays timer (count up) 1m~9999m
02 Single delay timer (count down) 0.01s~99.99s 10 Single delay timer (count down) 1m~99h59m 18 Dual delays timer (count down) 1m~9999m
03 Single delay timer (count up) 1m~9999m 11 Dual delays timer  (count up) 1m~99h59m 19 8-digit accumulated timer (Instant reset) 0~99H59M59.99S
04 Single delay timer (count down) 1m~9999m 12 Dual delays timer  (count down) 1m~99h59m 20 8-digit accumulated timer ( reset after 8s) 0~99H59M59.99S
05 Single delay timer (count up) 1s~9999s 13 Dual delays timer  (count up) 1s~99m59s 21 8-digit accumulated timer (Instant reset) 0~9999H59M59S
06 Single delay timer (count down) 1s~9999s 14 Dual delays timer  (count down) 1s~99m59s 22 8-digit accumulated timer ( reset after 8s) 0~9999H59M59S
07 Single delay timer (count up) 1s~99m59s 15 Dual delays timer (count up) 1s~9999s 23 8-digit accumulated timer (Instant reset) 0~9999D23H59M
08 Single delay timer (count down) 1s~99m59s 16 Dual delays timer (count down) 1s~9999s 24 8-digit accumulated timer ( reset after 8s) 0~9999D23H59M
Frequency/Tacho function
25 Frequency meter 1Hz~9999Hz 26 Frequency meter 1.0Hz~999.9Hz
27 Tachometer 60-9999rpm 28 Frequency/Tachometer 0~9999
Counter function
29 Up/down counter 0-9999 30 Up/down counter     with ratio 0~9999
31 8-digit up/down counter 0~99999999 32 8-digit up/down counter with ratio 0~99999999    

Power Supply Voltage:

85~265V AC    50/60HZ

Aux. Power Voltage:

N-no aux power                                            D-12V DC grounded                                  C-12V DC isolated

Voltage input (PNP) / no-voltage input (NPN) type

Voltage pulse range:                                  low level(-30V~0.5V)                                 high level(4V~30V)

N- None

R- Relay

F- others

Body: 48x89x48 mm

Front Panel: 48 mm(W)X96 mm(H)

Cutout size: 45×92 mm

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting and screw terminals

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting and screw terminals

Environmental Conditions: 0~40℃                        (no icy or condensation)

Humidity: 35-85% RH

Storage Temperature: -20~60℃             (no icy or condensation)

Data Storage: 10 years

Warranty: 12 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at

Net Weight: about 140g

Gross Weight: 300g

1 x CHCN48 Counter Timer Frequency meter

​​​1 x Mounting bracket

​1 x Manual