Panel Meter


Temperature Controller

LED PID temperature controller in full size, universal input, intelligent temperature & timer combination.

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CHS4AM Ultra Violet UVC light intensity monitor

UV Light Intensity Meter

On-Line Ultraviolet Monitor for ultraviolet relative intensity, irradiances (mW/ cm²), and accumulative time respectively.

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Universal Panel Meter

Universal sensor inputs to enable process controll over temperature, pressure, weight, level, height, etc..

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3 Phase LCD Power Energy Meter

Ampere Voltage Power Meter

Single/3 phase power meter, measures current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor, KWH,etc..

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Counter Timer Frequency Meter

Multifunction counter length counter frequency meter, digital timer, batch counter shift counter are available

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Temperature & Humidity Controller

Monitor both temperature and humidity at the same time. Suitable for Greenhouse, warehouse, egg incubator.

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