3 phase LED multifunction power meter


3 Phase LED Multifunctional Power Meter

Multifunctional 3 phase Power Meter and Ampere Volt Energy Power Monitor for AC/DC current, voltage, power, power factor, KWH, frequency…in 3-phase system.

Widely applied in many kinds of control systems, energy management systems, substation automation systems, power distribution automation systems, smart distributors and switch cabinets.



CHD9000 multifunctional power meter, is for both single phase and 3 phase power measurement. It has powerful functions as below:

Suitable for both AC & DC measurement

Supports a wide range of phases and wire systems

Real-time data measurement of current, voltage, frequency, power, energy, power factor,etc.

Up to 3 relay outputs & 1 analog output & RS485 interface optional

 Main Features

  • LED 3 Phase Multifunctional Power Meter
  • Dimension: 96×96×55.5 mm
  • Power supply: 85~265V AC  45~65Hz, Consumption: <5VA
  • Direct measuring range: 0-600V, 0-5A / 0-10A
  • CT,PT input
  • Analog output: 4-20mA / 0-10mA
  • Alarm output: relay, 1~3 no.s
  • RS485 communication interface, standard MODBUS protocol
  • Ambient environment: -10~55℃  5%-95%RH  no condensing
  • Utility, industrial and commercial metering
  • Substation, building and factory automation

More powerful and flexible product

4 buttons operation, user-friendly

CT/PT input, Real-time electrical parameters monitor

3 phase power meter package details


Model CHD9000
Power supply Default 90-260V AC/DC
E 24V DC
Analog output I 4-20mA
V 0-10V
default None
AL1 R Relay
N None
AL2 R Relay
N None
AL3 R Relay
default None
Communication interface 4 RS485
2 RS232
default None
Input signal AV AC voltage
AA AC current
DV DC voltage
DA DC current

Power Supply:

85~265V AC    45~65HZ

Consumption: <5VA

Rated voltage: 600V / PT

Rated current: 5A / 10A / CT

Overload: voltage: 1.2 times(sustained); current: 1.2 times(sustained), 10 times/1second

Single phase wire type

3 phase 2 wire type

3 phase 3 wire type

3 phase 4 wire type

Voltage: 0.45%±0.1%F.S

Current: 0.3%±0.1%F.S

Power: 0.8%±0.2%F.S

Power factor: 0.02

Relay alarm output, 1~3 no.s

Analog output: 4-20mA / 0-10mA

RS485 communication interface

standard MODBUS RTU protocol

9600 bit/s fixed

2 times/second

Body: 96x96x80mm

Cutout size: 90x90mm

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting and screw terminals

IP grade: IP65 for the panel

Warranty: 12 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at sale@aposunmeter.com

1 x CHD9000 3 phase multifunctional power meter

2 x Mounting brackets

1 x Manual