APOSUN-UV-intensity-sensor-SW18 for 42601 Replacement Temperature UV Sensor

SW18 UNC3/4-16

Temperature UV Sensor Replacement For 42601

► Model: SW18 ► Range: 0~20000uW/cm2 ► Resolution: 10uW/cm2 ► Working voltage: 5VDC ► UV channel 1 output:0-5v dc  ► UV channel 2 output:0-2.5v dc ► Cable length: 2.5 meters ► Waterproof: 10 kg ► Weight: 500g ► Thread : UNC3/4-16 ► Please refer to the brochure for details 



SW18 UNC3/4-16 Temperature UV Sensor Replacement for 42601

  • Measure ultraviolet (UV) light relative/absolute UV intensity and Temperature
  • The low-cost, high-accuracy sensor that is ideal for air purifiers and UV sterilizers
  • Analog output (4-20mA, 0-5V)
  • An easy-to-use, superior long-time stability and corrosion resistance
  • For low-pressure UV lights

Main Features

  • The “SW18 UNC3/4-16 Temperature UV Sensor Replacement for 42601” is operating in water. It is 10 bar water pressure resistant and is typically used for monitoring low-pressure UV lights in pressurized water. It will be configured on individual requirements which are clarified within the order process. Configurable parameters are the signal output type, the measurement range, and the spectral responsivity. The signal output is configurable as 2 channels, channel 1:0-5v dc, channel 2:0-2.5v dc

General Specification

Parameter Value
Response Spectrum 200~380nm(UV)
Peak Response Spectrum 265num
UV channel 1 Output Signal 0-5V dc
UV channel 2 Output Signal 0-2.5V dc
Temperature test range 0℉-212℉
Temperature Output signal 0-2.12V linear output(10mV/℉)
Power Supply 5v dc
Load impedance >1k
Mode of Connection 6 wire
Measuring Range 0~20000uw/cm²
Power Consumption <0.5w
Operating Temperature -10~80 ℃
Storage Temperature -10~125 ℃
Shell Material SUS316L
Screw Specification UNC3/4-16
Cable Model RVVP60.1(sheath shielded cable)is 2.5meters long

Other details

Connect Type: wiring and aviation plug connector

Environmental Conditions: -10~80℃ (no ice or condensation)

Net Weight: 500g

Gross Weight: 520g ~680g

Warranty: 12 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at sale@aposunmeter.com

1 × SW18 UNC3/4-16 Temperature UV sensor

Package type: plastic bag with box