48*48mm Universal Input Digital Panel Meter

Aposun brand Universal Input Digital Panel Meter presents numerical information that’s easy to read. Used extensively in process control equipment.  An inexpensive way to present data from instrumentation such as thermocouples, humidity, flow, PH value and pressure sensors. By displaying voltage or current information they can also be used to monitor the performance of electrical equipment.



The universal input digital panel meter CHDS4A is equipped with one universal input, type:  4-20 mA, 0-10V, 0-75mV, 0-5/10V, Pt 100, resistance. During the measurement process only one kind of input is available. The temperature of cold ends is compensated automatically. RTD and TC inputs feature with fully linearized characteristics. Thanks to wide range of characteristic curves the meters may be used in various production process control systems.The REL / SSR control outputs can adjust the level of measured signal and are controlled according to one or two threshold values. Moreover, the meter can be equipped with analogue outputs.

Process indicators & control units for all industries:

  • Use with any 4-20mA output sensor where there is a process to measure and control
  • Metals and mining
  • Water and wastewater
  • Oil and gas
  • Tank Level Monitoring & Control
  • Remote Pressure Indication
  • Pulp and paper

Main Features

  • Single line red LEDs display
  • The 1/16 Din case meets NEMA 4X(IP65) specifications from the front when panel mounted
  • This low-cost tough versatile process indicator is a kind of sensor meter, such as a pressure sensor indicator, lever sensor meter, weight sensor controller.
  • With an intuitive interface to program range(-1999~9999) and decimal point through the keypad
  •  The 24V DC / 30 mA output is designed to supply measuring transducers.
  • Sampling speed: 6~8times/sec.
  • Built-in thermocouple automatic cold junction compensation
  • Non-Volatile Memory: All programmed settings are stored in nonvolatile memory for a minimum of ten years if power is lost.
  • Any setup functions can be locked out for simplified usage and security.
  • Digital panel indicator with control function (limit value monitoring, mathematics, differential pressure and linearization,…)
  • Process indicators for panel mounting as well as for field mounting
  • Simple menu and easy wiring, user-friendly

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CHDS Series -multi-functional-programmable-Universal-Digital-Process-Meter


Function CHDS Discription
Dimension 4A 48H*48Wmm
Power Supply Blank 90-265V AC/DC
E 24V DC
Analog Output I 4-20mA
D 0-20mA
Alarm 1(AL1) R Relay output
S SSR output
Aux. Power Blank None
A 12V/30mA DC
B 24V/30mA DC
Input Signal Blank 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-75mV
F Others, please indicate

Power Supply Voltage:

85~265V AC    50/60HZ

Aux Power Voltage:

12VDC    24V DC

Current: 0-5A, 0-2A AC/DC ; 0-1mA, 0-10mA, 4-20mA

Voltage: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-500V; 0-10mV, ±100mV

Rt: 0-400Ω, 0-10KΩ; Cu50, Cu100(-50~150℃)


0.3%FS ± 2digit

Body: 48x48x80mm(1/16 DIN)

Front Panel: DIN 48mm(W)X48mm(L)

Cutout size: 45x45mm

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting and screw terminals

Environmental Conditions: 0~50℃         (no icy or condensation)

Humidity: 35-85% RH

Net Weight: about 120g

Gross Weight: 180g

Warranty: 12 months

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1 x CHDS4A Universal Input Digital Panel Meter

​​​2 x Mounting brackets

​1 x Manual