QA06/10-50 AA

NPN/PNP output Protect finger sensor / Infrared safety light curtain

Safety Light curtains are supplied as a pair with a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter projects an array of parallel infrared light beams to the receiver which consists of a number of photoelectric cells. When an object breaks one or more of the beams a stop signal is sent to the guarded equipment.



  • Self-check function: when the safety light screen protector fails, it will not send the wrong signal to the controlled electrical appliances
  • Strong anti-interference ability: light curtain has good anti-interference ability to electromagnetic signal, strobe light, welding arc light, and surrounding light source
  • Convenient installation and debugging, simple wiring, modern appearance
  • Surface mount technology is adopted for superior shockproof performance
  • It is designed and manufactured according to the European standard and has passed the CE certification
  • Short response time (≤20ms), high safety and reliability
  • Exquisite shape design, width, and thickness of the only 35×50.8mm, effectively reduce the installation space
  • The light curtain is connected with the cable through the air socket, which can be installed, unloaded and wired accurately, quickly and simply

Main features

  • Technical parameter: 06 beam
  • Distance: 10mm
  • Protection height: 50mm
  • Voltage: DC 12~24V
  • Output: NPN NC
  • Induction distance: 0.3~3m


  1. If the transmitter and receiver are mounted directly on the machine tool body through the fixing clamp, then it is generally applicable to the frame structure of the closed type press.
  2. To ensure the safety distance when installing the machine into the wall, choose the correct installation position as per the common fixing clip size when drilling and tapping. When drill and positioning, attention should be paid to the transmitter and receiver to ensure parallel to each other.
  3. The transmitter and receiver are installed in the same way, through a side slot and type T screws with external fixed together respectively, with connector socket end or transmission wire end down.
  4. Fix the transmitter and receiver to ensure it is parallel to each other, then fasten the screws.
NPN PNP output Protect finger sensor Infrared safety light curtain

Ordering code

Safety light curtains barrier sensor code illustration

Other details

  • Period of Sampling: ≤15ms
  • Resistance to environmental light: incandescent light: light-receiving surface illumination 3000LX; sunlight: light-receiving surface illumination 10000LX
  • Environmental temperature: Working state -10~40℃ (but not freezing), Storage state -25~55 ℃
    Humidity: Working state: 35~85%RH, Storage state: 35~95%RH

Net Weight: about 5Kg

Gross Weight: 5.5Kg​

Warranty: 6 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at sale@aposunmeter.com

  • 1 × Receiver
  • 1 × Transmitter
  • 1 × Data wires
  • 1 ×  A pack of side-mounted screw
  • 1 × A bag of a rectangular frame
  • 1 × A bag of card slot screw
  • Package type: carton box, size 300×60×45mm