UV Irradiance and Dose Meter designed for measuring UV irradiance or UV dose.RS485

Choice of three separate, interchangeable sensor heads
UV-A (365 nm)
UV-B (312 nm)
UV-C (254 nm)
2 m connecting cable
UV irradiance range 0 – 250 mW/cm2
UV dose range 0 – 99,999 mJ/cm2



CHS9CM UV Irradiance and Dose Meter is an on-line ultra violet fail-safe monitor, especially for UV disinfection lamps, ultraviolet light accelerated aging test machines, water treatment, UV air purifiers, air sanitizers, ultra-pure water system etc.

The best partner for UV devices on various occasions & applications:

  • UV curing and aging
  • Air sterilization
  • Sewage treatment, Water disinfection
  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Offset printing
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Other industrial process control

Main Features

  • Advanced MCU for controlling, stable & reliable
  • Standard panel 1/16, 1/8 din: 48×48mm  48×96mm
  • 5 units (0.56 inches )LED display
  • Automatically accumulated timing for UV lamp running-time
  • UV irradiance low alarm, lighting intensity attenuates 50% off alarming
  • Output industrial standard signals & Convenient used for embedded system
  • Max UV intensity display
  • UV Dose display (mJ/㎠)
  • RS485 Communication protocols sends signals to a PLC on lamp failure
  • Used in curing, aging, air sterilization, sewage treatment, water treatment, ozone detection, arc monitoring, ultra-pure water system and other industries

UVC Intensity Monitoring System

Best Partner for Air Water Purification

UV Lamp 0-19999 Hours Management 

RS485 Communication Protocols 

UV Irradiance and Dose Display (mJ/㎠)

UV meter UV monitor


Model LED display Display parameters Alarm RS485 Dimension
Intensity relative value Intensity absolute value Running time Max intensity value Dose value For UV relative value For UV absolute value For running time For PLC Frame Holing
CHS4AM 4 digits LED × × × × × 48×48×85cm 45×45cm
CHS4DM 4 digits LED × × × × × × 48×48×85cm 45×45cm
CHS5AM 5 digits LCD × × × × 48×94×110cm 45×92cm
CHS9AM 5 digits LED × × × × 48×94×110cm 45×92cm
CHS9CM 5 digits LED × 48×94×110cm 45×92cm

Power Supply:

85~265V AC    45~65HZ

Consumption: 3W

0~19999uW/ cm²


UV sensor monitors

  • UV-A (365 nm)
  • UV-B (312 nm)
  • UV-C (254 nm)

intensity of the ultraviolet disinfection

Operating temperature: 0~50℃

Humidity: 35~85% RH

about 420g

Warranty: 12 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at

1 x CHS9CM UV Irradiance and Dose Meter

1 x UVC intensity detector

1 x Manual