Infrared Through Beam Optical Photoelectric Sensor Switch IP67 waterproof

Cylinder M12/M18/M30 style. Long detecting distance: 3m, 10m, 2m. NPN3-wire/4-wire NPN PNP, AC/DC 2-wire output. Fast response: max. 5ms



CHPES-T Though Beam Optical Photosensor Switch

  • Detect objects by the light quantities reflected and received for materials such as glass, metal, plastic, wood, fluid…etc.
  • M12/M18/M30 cylinder type
  • NPN PNP 3-wire/4-wire, AC DC 2-wire output
  • With/Without relative plug-in connector connection/2m Cable connection
  • Infrared LED
  • Strong anti-shock and anti-vibration
  • Light resource: Infrared invisible light, with Red LED lamp

Main Features

  • Working power: DC 10-30V or AC 90-250V
  • Current: DC 3 Wire: ≤200mA / DC 2 Wire: ≤100mA / AC 2 Wire: ≤400mA
  • Response time: <5ms
  • Working angle: 3°-20°
  • Voltage for transistor: <1.5V
  • Current consumption: <20mA
  • Different distance: <15%
  • Polarity reverse protection: YES
  • Ambient light(LUX): Incandescent lamp: ≤3000 / Sunlight: ≤10000
  • Material: Brass nickel-plated or ABS

Ordering code

Model no Diameter Output type Sensing distance Current output Power supply
CHPES-T12PO3MD 12mm  PNP NO 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T12PC3MD 12mm  PNP NC 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T12NO3MD 12mm  NPN NO 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T12NC3MD 12mm  NPN NC 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T18PO3MD 18mm  PNP NO 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T18PC3MD 18mm  PNP NC 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T18NO3MD 18mm  NPN NO 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T18NC3MD 18mm  NPN NC 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T18POC3MD 18mm  PNP NO+NC 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T18NOC3MD 18mm  NPN NO+NC 3m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T18AO3MD 18mm  AC NO 3m ≤400mA AC 90-250V
CHPES-T18AC3MD 18mm  AC NC 3m ≤400mA AC 90-250V
CHPES-T18DO3MD 18mm  DC NO 3m ≤100mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T18DC3MD 18mm  DC NC 3m ≤100mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T30PO20MD 30mm  PNP NO 1m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T30PC20MD 30mm  PNP NC 1m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T30NO20MD 30mm  NPN NO 1m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T30NC20MD 30mm  NPN NC 20m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T30POC20MD 30mm  PNP NO+NC 20m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T30NOC20MD 30mm  NPN NO+NC 20m ≤200mA DC 10-30V
CHPES-T30AO20MD 30mm  AC NO 20m ≤400mA AC 90-250V
CHPES-T30AC20MD 30mm  AC NC 20m ≤400mA AC 90-250V
All the above diffuse-reflective photoelectrical sensor has 2m cable.
Straight / 90-degree plug-in connection connector is available if needed.

Other details

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting

Environmental Conditions: -25~70℃ (no icy or condensation)

Net Weight: 100~400g

Gross Weight: 180~450g

Warranty: 12 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at

1 × CHPES-T through beam type photosensor switch

Package type: plastic bag