Intelligent Sensor Meter | Universal Inputs Precision Digital Process Meter

CHSV8 series intelligent sensor meter has a double 5-digit LED for PV and SV display. The digital display controller also has optional functions of 2 alarms, 1 transmit analog signal or RS485/232 output, and an additional power supply (DC 24V/DC12V) for sensors. Digital panel meters can be used for various sensors and transmitters, such as temperature sensors (thermocouples B/S/K/E/T/J/R/N type and RTD Cu50/Cu100/Pt100), pressure sensors, flow sensors, level sensors, displacement sensors (0-500Ω/0-350Ω output), Potentiometers, transmitter (0-20mA/4-20mA/0-5V/0-10V output), etc.  



What does the CHSV8 intelligent sensor meter work for?

  • Current meter
  • Voltage meter
  • Temperature controller
  • Pressure meter
  • Load cell/Weighting meter
  • Resistance meter/Displacement sensor meter/Potentiometers
  • Level indicator

Main Features

  • 5 Digits big LED for dual display
  • High accuracy:±0.1%F.S(DC Input);±0.2%F.S(AC Input)
  • Sampling rate: the Max is 30 times/second
  • User selectable inputs: A, mA, V, mV, TC(K, J, E, S, R, T, D)/RTD( PT100), 0-400Ω
  • Relay/SSR Drive output
  • Max 1 analog and 4 alarm outputs to meet up to user’s application
  • Power supply: 85~265V AC or 24V AC/DC or 12V DC
  • RS485/RS232(MODBUS RTU) communication support optional
  • Isolated analog output:0-10Vor4-20mA, configurable by software

Multi-Inputs 5 Digital Panel Meter, Perfect for Automation!

CHSV8 Universal Analog Input Digital Panel Meter

High accuracy, Intelligent Process Control

CHDS8-CHDS4 series-multi-functional-programmable-Universal-Panel-Meter


Function CHSV
Dimension 8 96W*48H mm
Power Supply Blank 85-265V AC/DC
E 24V DC
Analog Output I 4-20mA
D 0-20mA
Alarm 1(AL1) R Relay
N none
Alarm 2(AL2) R Relay
N none
Alarm 3(AL3) R Relay
Blank none
Communication 4 RS485
2 RS232
Blank none
Aux. Power A 12V DC
B 24V DC

Power Supply Voltage:

85~265V AC    50/60HZ

or 24V AC / 24V DC

Aux Power Voltage:

12VDC    24V DC

Current: 0-5A, 0-2A AC/DC ; 0-1mA, 0-10mA, 4-20mA;

Voltage: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-500V; 0-10mV, ±100mV

Rt: 0-400Ω, 0-10KΩ; Cu50, Cu100(-50~150℃); PT100

TC: K, J, E, T, B, R, S;

0.1%FS ± 2digit

Body: 48x96x80mm

Front Panel: DIN 96mm(W)X48mm(L)

Cutout size: 45x92mm

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting and screw terminals

Environmental Conditions: 0~50℃         (no icy or condensation)

Humidity: 35-85% RH

Net Weight: about 300g

Gross Weight: 380g

Warranty: 12 months

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1 x CHSV8 intelligent sensor meter

​​​2 x Mounting brackets

​1 x Manual