CHDW93 3 Phase LED Ammeter Voltage Panel Meter


3 Phase LED Ammeter Voltage Panel Meter

3 phase digital Ammeter Voltage Panel meter is for AC current voltage measurement in 3-phase system. 

Widely applied in substation automation systems, power distribution automation systems, smart distributors, switch cabinets. intelligent building, machinery and equipment.



CHDW93 3 phase LED amp volt panel meter is used for both single and 3 phase current/voltage monitoring. It has powerful functions as below:

  • LED DIGITAL TUBE DISPLAY: Three rows of 4-bit bright red LEDs simultaneously display three-phase current or voltage values, which are intuitive and clear.
  • TRUE RMS MEASUREMENT: Adopting true RMS measurement, high precision, good stability, transformer multiplex rate can be set on-site through the instrument button, easy to use and flexible.
  • CT/PT RATE: the multiplex rate of transformer can be set on the spot by the instrument button, which is convenient and flexible to use.
  • DISPLAY FUNCTION: no output or communication function, for monitoring usage only.

Main Features

  • LED 3 Phase Digital Electrical Ammeter Voltmeter Panel Meter
  • Dimension: 96×96×84 mm
  • Power supply: 85~265V AC  45~65Hz, Consumption: <5VA; or 380V AC
  • Digital display: three row, 4 bits, high brightness LED digital tube
  • Direct measuring range: 0-600V / 0-5A
  • CT,PT input
  • Ambient environment: -10~55℃  5%-95%RH; no condensing
  • Utility, industrial and commercial metering
  • Substation, building and factory automation

More powerful and flexible product

4 buttons operation, user-friendly

CT/PT input, RMS ampere voltage measurement

CHDW93 3 Phase LED Ammeter Voltage Meter package details


Commodity name Model no. Measure range Accuracy Dimension Holing size
3 phase voltage meter CHDW93-AV600 0-600V AC ±0.4% display value ±0.1%F.S 96×96×85mm 91+0.5×91+0.5×84mm
3 phase ampere meter CHDW93-AA5 0-5A AC ±0.3% display value ±0.1%F.S 96×96×85mm 91+0.5×91+0.5×84mm

Power Supply:

85~265V AC    45~65HZ

Consumption: <5VA

Rated voltage: 600V AC / PT

Rated current: 5A AC / CT

Overload: voltage: 1.2 times(sustained); current: 1.2 times(sustained), 10 times/1second


2 times/second

Warranty: 12 months

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1 x CHDW93 3 Phase LED Ammeter Voltage Panel Meter

2 x Mounting brackets

1 x Manual