6 Digital Programmable Counter/Length Counter

Multi-functional programmable counter in a compact design. Including 1/16 din small size, programmable pulse factor, Up to 10KHz response time, Count start value setting, power down memory, as well as numerous programmable operating modes, e.g. Length counter, position counter, event counter, height counter, level counter, or sum counter.



CHCV4 is a pulse counter, length meter, position controller or stopwatch.

  • 6 digits display in 48*48 size (1/16 din)
  • Count Start Point (counting initial value) setting function, easy for position control
  • 5 input modes / 8 output modes
  • 2 relay outputs max, with delay time setting
  • Up to 10Khz counting speed
  • Power failure protection. The date saved for 10 years.
  • Panel button lock function
  • RS485 or analog output Optional

CHCV7(72*72mm)/CHCV8(96*48mm) are available

Main Features

  • 48 × 48mm size
  • Dual display 6 digits 7 segments LED display
  • 1%F.S measuring accuracy
  • Power supply: 85~265V AC  50/60Hz, consumption: <5VA
  • Input voltage pulse: square wave, sine wave, low level(0V~1V); high level(3V~30V)
  • Contact capacity: NO+NC type, 250V AC / 3A, or 30V DC / 3A
  • Counting speed: 10/200/5K/10K pcs configurable
  • Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ, 2KV/0.5mA 1M
  • Withstand pulse interfere: Power: ±2KV  Input: ±400V
  • Withstand oscillation: 10-55Hz

Compact size, Simple operation

6 digits display, 48*48mm (1/16 din) size 

Counting ratio setting, Unit Metric or Yard configurable


Function CHCV P S
Dimension 4 48W*48H mm
7 72W*72H mm
8 96W*48H mm
Blank Pulse counting display only
S Pulse count & Line-speed display
Preset Function P with preset setting function
Proportion Function S with proportion coefficient setting function
Digits Display 6 6 digits LED display
8 8 digits LED display
Loop Output 1 1 loop output(OUT4)
2 2 loop output(OUT4, OUT3)
3 3 loop output(OUT4, OUT3, OUT2)
Extent Function Blank  None
T With RS485 Modbus interface
I With analog output 4-20mA
V With analog output 0-10V

Power Supply: 85~265V AC   50/60Hz

Relay output, NO + NC type, 2 no.s max

Contact capacity: 250V AC /3A  or 30V DC /3A

Dimension Body: 48x48x84 mm    Cutout size: 46.5X46.5 mm

Dimension Body: 72x72x84 mm    Cutout size: 70X70mm

Dimension Body: 96x48x84 mm    Cutout size: 91.5X46.5 mm

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting and screw terminals

Passive contact, proximity sensor, travel switch, photo sensor, Rotary encoder, etc..

Voltage pulse range:                              low level(-30V~0.5V)                                 high level(4V~30V)

Display range: 0.0001 ~ 999999

Proportion coefficient setting: 0.0001 ~ 99.9999

Counting speed setting: 10/200/5K/10K pcs

delay time setting: 0.01 ~ 99.99s

Lock for parameter setting:

–Only the correct password enter, the user can modify the presetting values

Lock for panel button:

–One set to disable the front button function (except SET key)

Free Write function: Any desired value can be set on the unit as the starting count value of the counter. The counter will add to or subtract from the set value.

Upon every reset, the set value will be displayed.  The default setting is 0.

Temperature: 0~50℃

Humidity: 35-85%RH

(no icy or condensation)

Net Weight: about 200g

Gross Weight: 250g

Warranty: 12 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at

1 x CHCV Digital Counter/Length/Height/Position meter

​​​2 x Mounting bracket

​1 x Manual