Square Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch NPN/PNP 10~30VDC Waterproof/Metal Detector Sensor

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X5MC1 inductive proximity sensor

  • Response hysteresis: ≤ detecting distance×10%
  • Response material: Iron, copper, steel, aluminum (detecting distance is different according to material )
  • Response frequency: 100KHz (DC type), 10Hz (AC type)
  • Load current: ≤200 mA (resistance)
  • Ambient temperature: -25~70 ℃
  • Cable: 2-meter (other customs)

Main Features

  • Working power: 10~30V DC
  • Test object: metal objects (copper, iron, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Detection moment away: 3~5 mm (related to metal material)
  • Dimensions: 17×17.2×28 mm
  • Lead mode: Φ4 mm three-core cable × 2M (standard line length 2 meters)
  • Output mode: NPN/PNP NO/NC(200mA)

Square Proximity Sensor Modes:

  • Q5MC1    NPN NO (Normally open)

  • Q5MC2    NPN NC (Normally closed)

  • Q5MB1    PNP NO (Normally open)

  • Q5MB2    PNP NC (Normally closed)

Square Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch NPNPNP 10~30VDC WaterproofMetal Detector Sensor dimensions

Ordering code

Inductive sensor switches mode selection


Period of Sampling: 100K Hz

Mounting Method: Flush-mounting

Environmental Conditions: -25~70℃ (no icy or condensation)

Net Weight: about 50g

Gross Weight: 60g​

Warranty: 6 months

For support, please visit support center or email us at sale@aposunmeter.com

1 × Q5MC1 inductive proximity switch

Package type: 100×100×20 mm plastic bag